Reflection times

Winter reflections

People come to Les Jardins des Arts for different reasons. Our four workshops for 2020 are listed separately. In addition:

Structured Reflection Time
We offer structured reflection time when you can explore where life and work is taking you. Together we can agree on the creative and spiritual methods which will help in your time with us. These may include art-work, using small objects, singing, breath-work, imaginative prayer or walking the labyrinth. (See What People Say for how people have found our approach).

Your Own Space
You could come simply to get away and have your own time of reflection. Travelling to a different country can in itself be a real break.

Sabbatical time
You could come as part of a sabbatical – either for some structured reflection time or for your own study and reflection.

For all of the above, email us first for dates, and when these are agreed we will send you a booking form. A deposit is not necessary. While you are with us we invite you to make a donation for your stay with us.

During July and August we welcome holiday-makers to our gites. If you would like to come on holiday please book via the Homeaway website, searching for ‘Hanc, France’. You will see our entry under ‘The Lodge, gites with shared pool’.